Knee? Neigh.
Taking care to swaddle, the flowing ices could see hisses within the rollicking hills, oft slurried, colorized all-sepia-like, and sorted, minus the P. So, with hammer in hands, he'd fluster and flee, announcing pronouns, golly niceties, the pillowing plea, in French, as in, wee. Or, nay.

May 1st
MAS, Oneonta, NY

May 2nd
UAG, Albany, NY

May 16th
Ende Tymes Festival, Silent Barn, Queens, NY

the following
appearances with
Tough Day Tubing:

May 28th
UAG, Albany, NY

May 29th
Washington Street Arts, Somerville, MA

May 30th
UnchARTed, Lowell, MA

May 31st
John Doe, Jr., Greenfield, MA

with a return
to solo
endeavors here:

June 3rd
Deep Thoughts, Jamaica Plain, MA


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